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 Leak Delta 75 receiver

The Leak Delta 75 receiver was launched in 1971, with long, medium and FM bands. The amplifier delivers 35 watts per channel with a distortion level below 0.07% with the facilities for disc and tape. The retail price in 1972 was £165.00.

Amplifier General specification

Amplifier Disc Input specification

Rated output power (both channels sine wave driven at 1 kHz):

Replay characteristic: within ±1.0db of I.E.C. 98 fine groove characteristic

Into 8  ohm load: 35+35 watts

Sensitivity: (for 35 watts into 8 ohm load at 1 kHz)

Into 4  ohm load: 40+40 watts

Magnetic:25 mV Ceramic: 20 mV

Into15 ohm load: 25+25 watts

Input Resistance: Magnetic: 47K ohms Ceramic: 33K ohms

Harmonic Distortion

Hum and Noise: (0db=35 watts into 8 ohms): -65db

(at all levels up to rated output power, 1 kHz applied at any input)

Weighted Noise: (0 db=35 watts into 8 ohms): -75db

Into 8 ohm load:   007% max.

Input Voltage Overload Range:28db

Into 4 ohm load:   014% max.

Amplifier Tape Input specification

Into 15 ohm load: 005% max.

Sansitivity (for 35 watts into 8 ohms):300 mV

Music power (IHF):100 watts into 8 ohms

Input Resistance: 150 K ohms

Frequency Response: (—3db): 125 Hz to 50 kHz

Hum and Noise: (0db= 35 watts): —75db

Damping factor: 30 minimum into 8 ohms

Weighted Noise: (0db-=35watts):—l0db

Stability: BS 3860) Unconditional

AmplifIer Auxiliary Input specification

Tone Control Range: 114db at 50 Hz and 15kHz

Sensitivity: (for 35 watts into 8 ohms):100 mV

Balance Range: 12db

Input Resistance: 50K ohms

Filter: 6db at 7kHz Residual hum and noise (volume control minimum, 0db=35watts): - 80db

Hum and Noise: (0db=35 watts): -80db

Amplifier Tape Output specification

Weighted Noise: (0db=35 watts): -85db

Phonosocket. Nominally 100 mV average level from low impedance

FM Tuner specifications

DlNsocket. Nominally 100 mV average level from 100 K ohms

Tuning Frequency Range: 87-108 MHz

A.M. Tuner MediumWave

Sensitivity (l.H.F.):22uV into 75 ohms input


Harmonic Distortion: less than 0.5%

Frequency Range: 510-1650 kHz

Selectivity (Alternate channel):40 db (I.H.F.)

Sensitivity:25 uV (l.H.F. 1 MHz)

Capture Ratio (l.H.F.) :35db

Adjacent Channel Selectivity: 20db (l.H.F.)

IF. Rejection Ratio: 80db min

Image Rejection Ratio: 45db mm

Image Rejection Ratio: 70db min


AM Suppression (l.H.F.): 50db min

AM. Tuner Long Wave

Stereo Separation: 35db at l kHz


AFC Ratio: 4:1 (switched)

Frequency Range: 150—275 kHz

Frequency Response: 40Hz tc 15 kHz

Sensitivity (200 kHz):50 uV

Inputs: 75 ohms unbalanced. 300 ohms balanced

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