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Items currently for sale in the 'For Sale' Section:... hi-fi magazines... Refurbished Thorens TD-125 MK 2 PCB Motor Board...KEF Concord Speakers... Grundig Satellit radio...AR4XA Seakers... AR Turntable..Sansui tuner amplifier... Garrard 401 with SME 3009...Pioneer A-91D amplifier... Tannoy 385 HPD Drivers... Quad II Amps...Wharfedale Airedale speakers...and many more

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Welcome to Retro Hi-fi, a site for anyone who is interested in classic hi-fi equipment such as Leak, Quad, Thorens, Technics, SME and Garrard.  Here you can communicate with fellow enthusiasts, buy and sell equipment, look out for related events (and let me know if you know of any), or simply view the pages provided.

Click to enlargeAs for me, I first became interested in hi-fi in the early seventies when the name Leak was often mentioned, in particular the Leak tuners, amplifiers, and the 'Sandwich' speakers. My first system was the LeakPioneer PL-12D Delta 75 receiver and a pair of Leak 2030 Sandwich speakers.  The record deck was the Pioneer PL-12D with the Shure M75EJ cartridge.  I also had the Technics RS-263AUSD cassette deck. Not that long ago I started to have a hankering for the old equipment again and decided to produce this website so as to share my interest by posting information about equipment that I have owned and used over the years.

Do you have experience with DIY projects such as building DIY Speakers or DIY amplifiers? Why not share what you have done with us, it could be featured here on this site. Or perhaps you have woodworking skills and have made wooden cabinets and would like to show off your joinery skills here, if so let us know.



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