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 The 2200 amplifier was derived of the 2000 receiver but with uprated power by comparison to the receiver. The dimensions and appearance are similar too with the full width blue Perspex dial. Two power output meters are fitted for left and right channels, these indicating percentage power for both 4 and 8 ohm loads. Filling out the remainder of the dial area are numerous indicated legends - mono, tape, etc, which illuminate when the appropriate function is selected.Leak 2200 Amplifier
The versatility of the 2000 receiver was popular and Leak managed to incorporate even more facilities and special operating modes in the 2200, thus exhibiting great imagination and ingenuity, and I'm sure that the 2200 indeed satisfied the needs of the customer of the day.

The basic parameters are as follows - a power output both channels driven into 8 ohms, of 45+45 watts, with distortion quoted as low as 0-01% at 1kHz and 1 watt. The other features are equally as promising, such as a -2dB power bandwidth of 10Hz to 40kHz, a phono overload margin of 35dB with an unweighted signal to noise ratio of 65dB. Practically all the inputs and outputs have dual sensitivity or level options, selected via a long array of push buttons on the rear panel. For example, the disc has 2-5mV and 6-5mV options, with cassette and tape each possessing two more. The tuner input doubles as a microphone socket when the appropriate button is depressed, an auxiliary gain control becoming operative, independent of the front panel volume control.

Two pairs of loudspeakers may be connected, with the second pair having provision for a quasi-rear channel mode, the rear volume adjusted via a switched front panel control.

A special function is available whereby the power amplifiers are bridged to produce 120W into a single 8 ohm load, a feature which may be of use for public address or at a party. In conjunction with this capability is the facility for using the two channels of the preamplifier for separate disc sources, with the balance and volume controls acting as a mixer/fader.












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