Please Read Before Placing an Advert

Do you have audio equipment that you want to Sell, or is there is equipment that you Want? As a visitor to Retro Hi-Fi you have the use of our popular listing service to advertise completely free of charge. Simply email the description as outlined below, and your advert will be placed as requested.

Adverts are only accepted in the same format as the current listings.
For example: 
The 'For Sale' section: The title of the item only, such as 'B&W Speakers' in no more than 3-4 words.
The 'Details' section: Such as 'Excellent condition', and asking price in no more than 20 words.
The 'Contact Details' section: Your Email address and Telephone number (if required) and location only, such as London, or North London.

For your request for a free advert to be accepted it must conform to a few simple formatting requirements. which are as follows:

1.The word 'For Sale', or 'Wanted' must be displayed in the 'Subject' heading of your request email otherwise it could end up in the Spam folder.
2. No more than 6 to7 words in the 'For Sale' section.
3. No more than 20 words in the 'Detail' section.

And finally it has been suggested that you include your location (not your address) such as: North London, Manchester or Leeds

Unfortunately, request not conforming to these requirements are automatically deleted. Contact us if your advert does not appear only if the above requirements are in place.

To help against receiving Spam, you may prefer to add your telephone number only, or display your email address with an 'at' rather than '@'.

I want to place a free advert.

By using the 'For Sale', 'Wanted' and 'Swap' section, you are agreeing to the conditions, which are as follows:

The sale is a private transaction between the Seller and the Buyer.  Retro Hi-fi cannot be held responsible for any problems that may arise either with the item being sold, or its delivery.




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